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Outcast never looked so good
I'm Ellie
I'm just a girl trying to deal.
Oh and I have this magical ability ;)

I will not be going OOC. I'm just gonna bring the awesomeness that is Ellie Nash back as best as I can

None of the gifs I use are mine. I don't even know how to make them

This is a roleplaying account. I am not Stacey Farber or the fictional character Ellie Nash or associated with the show Degrassi in anyway. This is just for fun

Ellie’s best man speech

What can I say about Declan that isn’t already known or that he hasn’t told you himself? Hmm well, he is actually one of the most sincere and sweetest people I know. I’ve known him for a while and he’s honestly my best friend in the world. We’ve been through alot together including ridiculous things such as getting banned from the zoo, yes, we got blamed from a zoo and it was completely his fault. We’ve dealt with our share of heartbreak. We’ve been through it all and I wouldn’t change any of if for a thing in the world. If it were for those moments, we wouldn’t be here right now and I wouldn’t be getting all mushy telling you all what Declan means to me. To most people Declan Coyne may come off as this very suave and at times arrogant guy and I’m here to say.. he’s so not.  Around me he isn’t the suave guy, I see the guy who gets nervous and excited when he’s spending time with his godson. The guy whose face lights up every time he sees or thinks about Holly J. He would do anything  to make and keep her happy and he would do that for anyone he cares about. He puts his needs second and is always there when you need him. When him and Holly J. first reconnected, it was at a time when Declan was at his worst and if it weren’t for Holly J., I’m not sure where he would be right now. She honestly saved him from himself and for that, I’ll always be grateful. That’s what Holly J does for him, she makes him a better person. The reason they work so well together is because they challenge each other to be better. No matter what they may go through, I have complete faith they will come out stronger in the end because they will go through it together. Words really don’t do justice for how happy I am for them and I’m just going to stop here before I get all emotional.

I guess you’re right. Sorry about that, I lost my composure for a second. I need to calm myself a little bit, this packing is stressing me out.
Just relax Holly J. No need to stress cause everything is under control.

supersinclair123-deactivated201 said: I don't know. I just bought 5 new bathing suits, new dresses, and a few casual things. I don't even know how he likes me to dress and I'm marrying him! We're rushing into this aren't we? Oh gosh.

Whoa, calm down. Declan loves you in everything and you guys are completely in love with each other so why wait to do something you are going to do anyway?

supersinclair123-deactivated201 said: I don't know which bathing suits to bring on my honeymoon, or which outfits for that matter. I'm kind of having a crisis here. I want to make Declan as happy as I can.

Haha is that all? Holly J. you could wear a plastic bag and he would lose his mind. What do you have in mind?

supersinclair123-deactivated201 said: You're a girl, and I need advice. Care to help?

Um okay. What do you need advice on?

He might be a little mad that I took this but how could I not? haha

The things that piss me off about tumblr


a list by Britney

  • Ask Limit
  • Character Limit
  • Follow Limit
  • Post Limit
  • Pointless changes such as the icons
  • Not being able to unfollow deactivated accounts
  • Not being to unfollow hacked accounts
  • The “I’m sorry, the whatever is overloaded” or whatever it says
  • My messages not getting through

I will give points for the creation of fanmail and the answer privately option. Hopefully that’s not fiddled with.

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